The year is 1997.

You are on your way to an important beach trip. You brush your bowl-cut bangs out of your eyes and peruse the closet. It is there that it jumps out to you. Your weathered, soft, favorite shirt. You wear it everywhere. In fact, the older it gets, the more comfortable it becomes. You take pride in how worn the logo has become. You wish you could wear the shirt everyday. To heck with it. You do. As the crisp white graphic slowly fades into beautiful, weathered tones, you realize that you are the coolest person of all time.


This is a shirt you wear everyday. You fall, sweat, bleed, work, skateboard and play gameboy in this shirt. You proudly wear it on weird 90s tv shows that inevitably leave you covered ins lime. 

It's pretty awesome

Get one of these shirts. and party like it's 1997.

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