Hey friends! Last weekend I officially got our printing process up and running, so we can now ship shirts again. Since that problem had me busy during nights and weekends, I was darn busy. But now I finally have time to do one of my favorite things: compile a list of my favorite movies from 2016. So, without further ado, here they are!


3. The Emperor's New Groove.  

Now, I know exactly what you're thinking. "This movie is so good that it transcends the arbitrary time boundary labeled "2016" and will always be the top of any best movie list." And you are right. Despite being released in the year 2000, David Spade's turn as the lovable loudmouth llama is just too good to pass up! 9.5/10




2. The Emperor's New Groove

OK. So technically I'm listing this one twice. But you have to level with me - this hilarious animated comedy has so much spunk, spirit, and undying quotability, it warrants two spots on the list! 10/10




1. Moonlight

Ok, so to end on a serious note, this was a really important movie. The casting was flawless, production value was high, and every shot had me captivated. This film is an odyssey filled with love, family, adventure, heartbreak, serums, potions, Llamas, Patrick Warburton, DARN IT I just realized I was thinking of The Emperor's New Groove again. Oh well. 11/10.




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