These Are The Best Movies From 2016 And You Know It

These Are The Best Movies From 2016 And You Know It

Hey friends! Last weekend I officially got our printing process up and running, so we can now ship shirts again. Since that problem had me busy during nights and weekends, I was darn busy. But now I finally have time to do one of my favorite things: compile a list of my favorite movies from 2016. So, without further ado, here they are!


3. The Emperor's New Groove.  

Now, I know exactly what you're thinking. "This movie is so good that it transcends the arbitrary time boundary labeled "2016" and will always be the top of any best movie list." And you are right. Despite being released in the year 2000, David Spade's turn as the lovable loudmouth llama is just too good to pass up! 9.5/10




2. The Emperor's New Groove

OK. So technically I'm listing this one twice. But you have to level with me - this hilarious animated comedy has so much spunk, spirit, and undying quotability, it warrants two spots on the list! 10/10




1. Moonlight

Ok, so to end on a serious note, this was a really important movie. The casting was flawless, production value was high, and every shot had me captivated. This film is an odyssey filled with love, family, adventure, heartbreak, serums, potions, Llamas, Patrick Warburton, DARN IT I just realized I was thinking of The Emperor's New Groove again. Oh well. 11/10.




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Production Delays, Sorry

Production Delays, Sorry

Hey friends! This is your loyal friend and shirt-printer, Zachary T. Nelson. 

I just wanted to hop on this fine website and shoot out a blog post to let you know we've been having delays. There are a few of you who have ordered shirts in the past week or so and still not received them, and that is my fault. I'm a one man fulfillment crew, and I've run into a number of problems. I've hit new kinks keeping inventory, maintaining screens, and running the business in general. For instance, I accidentally let some ink dry in one of our screens and now it won't print properly. So I'll have to re-expose a new screen to print your orders. 


Look, why am I telling you this? Because despite my shortcomings, people continue to be excited about this business. I keep getting encouraging tweets, messages, instagram posts, you name it. Your patience is appreciated, and I'm confident that we're going to figure something out that works for all of us. I'm talking to some friends about ways that we can make our team more reliable. All of the time I spend on this is as a volunteer, so I've been slow to ask for help because I can't offer payment yet. But there are a lot of encouraging people who have offered to help, and I know we'll figure out a system to handle these orders. 


That said, after Valentine's Day, I'm dialing back the commitment on shipping to 10-20 days. 3 weeks is a lot of time, I know! But each order is custom-printed, and I need to give myself more time to get your orders right. I want you to be able to count on a reliable timeframe to receive your orders, and since I'm a one-man team, I need more wiggle room. I've also cut the cost of shipping to be a few bucks cheaper. 

note: all orders placed by feb. 1 will arrive by feb 13.


Thanks everybody for taking the time to read this! I'm super proud of what we're doing, and I genuinely believe we're going to make great things happen together. There are a lot of difficult things happening in the world, so it makes me feel so privileged to get to be a part of this charity-focused business with you. 








We Raised $1,000 for Charity

We Raised $1,000 for Charity

Friends, enemies, woodland creatures. As I sip my coffee on this early January morning I feel so encouraged by what happened in 2016. I want to share with you a little recap of the year, and a few numbers. But I want to emphasize that numbers are not what matter. What does matter, is the thing that the numbers represent: a lot of individual people getting together and pushing the button that says "I care." So yes, I'm about to share a bunch of highlights, pictures, and dollar signs. But before I do, I want to say this: thanks for joining the team.


In late April of 2016, we hopped on stage at Bethel College to share the vision. And from that point on, it was all systems. go.


Orders filled the queue, so it was time to print and package. My stunt crew came over and helped us package the first shipment of shirts. Plus, We got to throw on our comfy shirts for the first time. 



It was a pretty great summer. I didn't work that much during August, but that's because...well...



Once August faded into fall, we started getting ready for Christmas. For Cyber Monday, we launched our first line of shirts! Complete with designs available on sweaters.



At Tiny Panda Threads we sold over 150 shirts and sweaters in 2016. You bought those shirts via pre-orders, through our online store, at 2 trade shows, or by shooting me a text. Every bit of that was a fun surprise. I even had one person buy a t-shirt via snapchat. 


By the end of the year, we had raised $1000 for charity. 


It blows me away to type those little words. That's $1000 that OneSky can now use to empower caregivers in China. You can read more about their story, visit their website


If I were to describe the year in a word, it would be this: encouraging. So from me, from GiGi, from Anna and Tyler and Abby and Alan and Bo and the ever-growing host of people that help out with this little thing:

 Thank you.